Christians Helping Victims

christians helping victims

Why is it that domestic violence is not talked about in church?  We turn our heads and look the other way when the Bible gives Christians clear instructions about what we are to do in helping victims. Here are a few scriptures: Gal. 6:2 – Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will […]

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Healthy Relationships

healthy relationship

There are characteristics that define whether a relationship is healthy or not. 1. Slow down! People in healthy relationships know the importance of becoming friends first. Friendships require time; they don’t spring up overnight. Friends have many interests in common, not just sexual attraction. A relationship based on passion is like a house built on […]

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This Season Motto: Be Consistent

Be Consistent, that is my motto for this new season. To be consistent at work, in school, in relationships, and with my faith. All too often I find myself swaying with the winds of life. Whenever something unexpected happens I am thrown to the left or the right. I do not like that and it […]

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Relationship with God

Relationship With God

My relationship with God will set the tone for my relationships with others. When it comes to a relationship, we complicate things way more than needed. If we really understood what it meant to put God first in our life, when it comes to relationships with others, we’d be doing better. What I mean is […]

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30 Days of No Meat

no meat

No meat and no sweets for the next 30 days is my goal! In an effort to lose inches I am going on a meat free and sweets free diet. Today is meal prep day and that means that I am looking up recipes and creating a shopping list for the items that I need […]

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