A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord



Welcome to Christian Single Mama!

This is a project, a ministry, an idea, that has been on our heart and here we are! This is our other baby, our passion, and A LOT of work and preparation.  We want it to be right, we want it to be whole, we want God to get the glory from it all. Our desire is for you, the Christian, the Single, the Mama, to know that you are not alone, God sees you, we see you and so here we are!

Enjoy, click around and tell a friend.

As we are as transparent as possible, without bringing harm to our self or our family,  I pray that you’d take this journey with me. We pray that you’d be comfortable enough with us  to correct us when we’re wrong and pat us on the back when we’re alright. Connect with us! We are very much interested in being your friend!  Then, check us out on  Facebook and a Instragram (@ChristianSingleMama), all which are ways that you can respond to us.

Welp! That’s all for now!

God Bless!


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