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Trust and Do Good

Trust and Do Good

Trusting in God

How hard can it be to trust someone after you have been hurt? REALLY HARD!

I am at this point in my life where I want a relationship, and I don’t want to be hurt. I was very trusting, I am very forgiving, and no doubt those qualities along with other mistakes lead me to where I am today, a single mother. I didn’t make the best choices and moving on was difficult, BUT God!

I had the opportunity to change my life around, I was given a second chance, all I had to do was trust God and do good.

That’s been my mission for this year and it all started last year after I listened to a short clip from Joyce Meyers.

“Trust God and do good” stuck with me.

For me that meant, go back to school and get my Masters, trusting God that I would get accepted and be involved in a program that would help me and my family in the long run. I had to trust God that all of my needs, as well as my child’s needs would be met. It hasn’t been easy and God is still calling me daily to trust him.

Doing good, almost comes naturally. I have a heart for service. I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of blessings and what it’s like to desire help and have none. They say that those that are the first to help generally are those that know what it’s like to need it. God’s calling me deeper and I’m excited to see where he leads me.

I want to encourage you to also trust God and do good. So what you’ve made some mistakes, don’t allow those mistakes to over take you. Trust God to turn what the devil meant for your bad, to turn it around for your good. Do good. It will not only take your focus off of yourself for a while but it will also change your life.

It was one good decision that caused an avalanche of blessings. Just like one bad decision can ruin your whole life, well imagine the power of one good decision. Imagine the power of one good decision after another good decision, after another. Your life won’t be the same.

Don’t wait, start trusting God and doing good today. You’ll be surprised of where God takes you… trust me.


Signed – Mama Winn  



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