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There’s Levels To This

There’s Levels To This

Have you all seen that show on Bravo called, ” There Goes The Motherhood”? Basically it’s a show about middle aged white women who live in Los Angeles and are apart of a mommy group. The mommy group is run by Jill Spivack, who is a seasoned therapist, and she runs a support group for moms. Within 15 minutes of watching the show I found myself thinking “These women have no idea about the struggle“.

A couple of them are single moms, or separated moms, and they mentioned “struggling” financially. And at first I thought, “Yea right! You’re struggling financially, but you’re driving a Lexus! Girl, please!”  Like I just couldn’t relate to them AT ALL!  Well…except for the obvious fact, that we’re women and more importantly we’re mothers!! (Throws head back and bursts out laughing!)

I had to sort of slap myself on the hand for even comparing their “struggle” to my struggle. I have no idea what sort of issues those women have, first of all because it’s a TV show and the producers spend time editing and creating story-lines, but also because I don’t personally know them.

As women and as mothers, we have to stop that! STOP comparing yourself to the next mom. And as I share my journey with you, don’t you dare compare yourself to me. We are all on different levels.

“Yes, there’s levels to this and I can only speak to the level that I am on and to the level that I am going. “

I don’t understand being broke and driving a Lexus. I don’t understand missing my Nanny and not having her anymore because I got a divorce. I’m not there, but I will tell you where I am. I am broke most of the time and I drive a 1996, Toyota Camry. I miss living close by my mother and having her watch my child from time to time. I only have one child and I couldn’t imagine having to share her with a man that I don’t love or want to be with. That’s just the icing, but my point is that our struggles may be different, let’s not compare them to one another, but instead let’s decide to learn from one another.

That’s part of my intention for Christian Single Mama, to inspire you, to teach you, BUT to also learn from you and hear your stories.

Feel free to respond to anything in the comments, or if you’d like to be featured or given the chance to share some advice yourself, please contact us and we will get back to you.

Christian Single Mama, is my space and I want you to have a chance to step into a little.

After all, we are moms, we are women, and we are sisters in Christ!


— Mama Winn 

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