Children Snacking During Church Service

It’s OK, and almost needed!

ThrowbackThursday2Snacking during church is normal for kids and like every Sunday,  this Sunday I packed Gia some animal crackers, apple slices, and juice in one cup and milk in another.

Church service is held during Gia’s normal lunch time and if she does not eat she gets loud and cranky and nobody wants that!

So.. we bring snacks!

Is this breaking the rules? Am I teaching her at a young age to be rebellious to the church?

No! I am doing what’s best for my child and what’s best for the people around me.

Not every church has a nursery where you can take your child to and who eats in the bathroom? So I allow my child to eat in church. Is that so bad?

How about you? Do you allow your little one to eat during church?


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