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Throwback Thursday | Pregnant Mama Winn

Throwback Thursday | Pregnant Mama Winn

I didn’t even look like it til I was 8 months!

ThrowbackThursday3Lucky me!!

I was just few months shy of graduating from Bethune-Cookman, in Daytona Beach, FL, and all of the “Mama feels” were happening.

Up until my last trimester I didn’t have any “real” issues. I didn’t have morning sickness, I barely had cravings and my baby bump was not noticeable. I should mention that it went unnoticed for a while because I wore loose clothing. That was my style at the time and so no one thought anything of it.

But GIRL!! When that last trimester came around, I turned into a different beast! Like I spoke my mind and if ANYONE annoyed me in class or whatever, they knew about it. My daily prayer was , “Lord, help me to hold my tongue.” Like for real, for real! Not only that, but I was ALWAYS hungry.

For my birthday I went to Ihop and I asked the server to seat me all the way in the back so I could eat in peace. Not only that, but I knew I was about to pig out and I did! I must’ve ordered a carafe of orange juice, 4 pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit and maybe hash browns! I ordered it and ate it all!! The only thing I brought home with me was a small to go cup for the rest of my OJ, but other than that, I was as full as a tick. When I got home, better believe that I went straight to bed and slept well!!


How was your pregnancy? Do you miss the baby bump? ( I do! )


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