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99 Problems, I Should Be Worried ‘Bout None

99 Problems, I Should Be Worried ‘Bout None

This week has been trying financially.

Last weekend, Gia and I went on a vacation to Dallas to celebrate my birthday early. I thought everything was G O O D good, but silly me! Just as soon as I THINK I am doing well, I get hit with two bills that total over $4,000. One, I was expecting, and one I had no idea about. At first I thought OH MY GOSSSH!! How am I going to do this? Am I going to have to cut back on daycare and get a babysitter maybe? Am I going to have to cut my cable off till I am done paying up? I immediately start coming up with a plan to tackle this.

Then I hear God say, “Do your part and I’ll do mine. Make the phone calls, get due dates, ask about payment plans, see if there is another way to accomplish this without making adjustments. THEN if not, make those adjustments BUT trust me.” And my heart calms down. I slow my thoughts, I make calls and I send out emails and I just put it in God’s hand. I forgive myself, because Lord knows had I not went all out for my birthday ahead of time, I might have been OK, it wouldn’t be as bad. But because I didn’t move slow, I didn’t consult God, I didn’t listen to my first thoughts, I ended up with this issue that could have been avoided. By no means am I getting into the “coulda woulda shoulda – mentality, I’m just saying looking back I see where God was trying to slow me down.

He tells us to:

“Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

If you are like me you struggle a little bit with your finances, you try to budget, you try to plan and sometimes that bad shopping habit gets the worst of you and then you’re back at square one.

I hit myself in the head, like when will I learn? And you now what my Heavenly Father says? He says, “It’s OK, it’s not the end of the World, there will be another time to learn and get it right.” He says, “Stay alert! Watch out!”

I need to go ahead and write that verse out and put it on a flashcard and stick it in my wallet so I can remember to consult my budget first and if it’s not n the budget then I don’t need it. Especially now!! But you know what, I like challenges, and I am going to pass this test, and everything is going to work out for my good!

Stay tuned. I’ll be a having a special guest come chat with us about money issues and what we as Christian single moms can do to stay on task.


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