A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord
Stand Strong

Stand Strong

IMG_20160527_125639I get it, Mama, I do. Sometimes we get weak and weary and every day feels like a Monday, and it seems like the weekend is too short. But I want to encourage you today to tap into that supernatural strength provided to you from our Heavenly Father.

Vent to Him and let him know that you may not be looking forward to this week at work. Let him know that you are struggling financially and need some open doors. Let Him know that your child is almost two and she is running up a MUCK!! Haha.. OK sorry, those are my issues. But you know what I mean. Share your heart with the Lord and then

Stand strong in the Lord.

Stand strong with your head held high and flex those muscles a bit. Let those problems know that your God is Greater! Let that ol devil know that he has no power over you. Wipe those tears from your eye and get back to work! Do not worry, be strong, and know that EVERYTHING is going to be OK.

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