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What A Mess!

What A Mess!

IMG_20160514_213436I was working on some homework one evening while I thought Gia was playing with her toys. Over time, she grew quite until she yelled, “Help! Help! Mama.” I turned around and to my surprise, she had smeared lotion all over the tv stand and was crying because she couldn’t get the lotion to come off of her hands. I just laughed as I ran her bath water – it was about that time anyways – and cleaned up her mess.

I thought, Wow! That’s how our relationship with God can be sometimes. While he’s working, we’re away getting ourselves into a mess. We stop talking to God, but only until we need his help. We cry out for help and show God what a mess we’ve made. I’m sure he laughs as he cleans up the mess and assures us that everything is going to be OK.

Because… everything IS going to be OK.

I don’t know how many times I have found myself in a MESS! In an hot MESS! In a DEEP HOT MESS!! Hahaha…And I hear God tell me that he loves me, and that’s it’s going to be OK. He tells me to do this or do that, and I do it, because like Gia, I don’t like to be in a mess especially one that I can’t get myself out of.

Can you relate? Have you ever got yourself deep into something, something that you knew wasn’t right and had to call on God to fix it? How’d that go?

Tell me about it in the comments.

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