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Tinder Moments

Tinder Moments

Tinder moments that us momma’s share with our child/ren are often off camera, to be seen by no one except ourselves and God.

For me, a lot of our tinder moments go unseen by anyone. My family doesn’t live close by and I’m not in contact with Gia’s dad at all. Majority of her milestones, I witnessed alone. I used to get upset by this, I wanted to share the joy of her first words with someone that I was in love with. I wanted to share the joy of her first steps with someone that was going to walk by my side forever. I spent a lot of time in tears and hurt by the fact that I was doing this all alone.

Then it was put on my heart that I needed to enjoy these moments because they are temporary. I need to enjoy this time while it’s just her and I because soon enough I’ll be married and will have more kids (one day, I hope). It was only then that my heart calmed down. It was then that I realized I need to create more memories of just her and I so that one day, when she gets older, I can tell her about all of the adventures that we went on, just her and I. And when I think about that, my world is made right again, and my heart is at peace.

I love Gia so much, I would do anything within my power for her. I would even sing for her!! HAHA!! Lord knows I can’t sing. BUT for her I will. <3

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