Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

IMG_20160507_152711_1The story behind this photo is actually a pretty funny one. Gia and I just got home and it was a fairly nice day outside. Or normal routine is come in and take off our shoes and Gia eats a snack while I prepare dinner. Well, on this day, Gia came in the house and went and found her stroller. She said, “Stroller?” And then looked up at me as she stood next to the stroller.  I just laughed. I couldn’t turn her down.

SO I unfolded the stroller and climbed in it and sat down. I started to push her around in the living room from one end to the next and so was so content! And I thought Wow! Thank you God for not letting me miss this opportunity with her.

She really is satisfied with the small things and it doesn’t take much to make her happy. I could have easily said no and kept on with dinner, but dinner waited for a few minutes and played with Gia instead.

I just want to encourage you today Mama, not to get so caught up in the routine that you forget to relax a little. Dinner will get done, your place will be cleaned, but your child is only a child for so long so make the best of it.

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