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No Support Is All The Support You Need

No Support Is All The Support You Need

Can I let you in on something that has kept me free?

I don’t make my child’s dad pay me child support and I don’t believe in talking bad about people, especially on social media, so understand that what I’m about to share is only half the story. God knows my heart and my mind and how awesome this has been for me.

I am not bashing you if you do get child support or if you are adamant about collecting that check on time, I’m simply just sharing my experience without it.


After I decided that I was going to keep my baby, I had a long talk with God.

I understood tables and how they would turn in my favor regardless of my child’s father.

I understood that I wasn’t going to need his help for very long.

I understood God’s plan for my life and for my child’s life and his promises.

I understood that I had others that I could lean on, others that I could call on in times of need.

I peeped a long time ago that child support wasn’t going to do anything for me, but give me a headache so I didn’t mess with it.

When I got pregnant, I didn’t know my child’s father very long and I didn’t trust him.

Down the road, some things came to light and my intuition was right. He wasn’t trustworthy.

Like I said, I had a long talk with God. I prayed because I had family members and friends tell me that it took two to make the baby and that both parents should be financially responsible.

I said no! I said God has me and my child in HIS hands! When I prayed about Gia, God told me that he would provide and that Gia’s dad wasn’t going to be in the picture consistently. It wasn’t until communication between him and I stopped completely, that I really got set free.

I understood that there wasn’t going to be any good coming from that relationship and that it was only going to be detrimental to myself and to my child.

And can I tell you what?

God has been our Provider. He gives me the strength that I need to go to work. He gives me the strength that I need to cook and clean and play with my child after work. He comforts me when I am in distress. Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He gives me the drive that I need to go hard! And when I tell you I go hard for mine, I go hard!

** Not that you, the single mama that does get child support doesn’t, it’s just I know that if my child is going to eat or have clothes to wear, I need to work hard! I need to trust God.  There are no other safety nets. **

And it’s not easy! From time to time, I still struggle with leaning on God, because I like to be in control and do things myself. But, I am learning I can only go so far til I fall apart. I cannot do anything successfully with God.

So for the mama that’s really stressed out of the father of her child not being in the child’s life like you want him to. Or for the mama, that’s trippin over not getting that child support check on time or at all, let me tell you something. God is in control!

God is in control!


Trust GOD! Stop looking to man to give you what you think you deserve and give it over to God. When you take your eyes of the man that you made a baby with and start seeking God to provide all your needs, when you stop focusing on your child’s father and on your CHILD, YOUR life will easier! Trust me! I know! This isn’t something I’ve read, this is something that I am living! Trust God! 


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