Christian Single Mama


I think of this word each and everyday, gratefulness. It’s so easy for our flesh to be caught up on what we do not have and we sometimes aren’t grateful for each and every grace-given blessing we do have! Some people live with their parents and want out, but they still have a roof over their heads and support, some have a small apartment and want bigger, an old car and want better. We don’t think about how grateful we are to have what we do have. For me, my problem was ways worrying about when God would send me a husband, I was anxious about this up until a few weeks ago! But everyday I look at Josiah I’m so blessed to have the time to spend alone with him and to grow with him! I love being single and learning these great lessons, I’m having a ball! It may sometimes get hard but I’m so grateful and would not trade my life for anyone else’s!


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