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What To Expect | The Month of August

What To Expect | The Month of August

Q:What can you expect from ChRistian Single Mama In this next month? 
A: More of my take on real life issues that us Christian Single Mamas face. 

What I found before creating my blog and this ministry is that the many people who have created the like, often leave out real-deal-issues. I too have found myself getting comfortable with sharing stories about myself, or sharing scriptures and then questioning whether or not I am really serving anybody.

Forgive me Mama, forgive me for not being the woman of God that I know that I am. Forgive me for not consistently sharing what’s on my heart with you. Just like it’s never too late to say thank you, it’s never too late to start keeping it real.

Christian Single Mama will be digging into topics like dating, and finances, and parenting. Because while scripture and talking about God is fine and I love it, I feel that there are Mamas out there that desire more than just spiritual guidance. And while I may not know everything, I do not mind finding someone that does and referring to them.

So stay tuned!

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