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8 Practical Things Christian Single Mamas Should Do Everyday

8 Practical Things Christian Single Mamas Should Do Everyday

What are you doing everyday? Here’s what you should be doing and why.

8 Things Christian Single Mamas Should Do Everyday

  1. Get out of bed before your child/ren. This will allow you to not only get ready without any interruption, but it also gives you some time to connect with God before officially starting your day. My day officially starts when my baby girl’s eyes open. Haha! Oh the joy! 😀
  2. Pray for your family. Gia and I pray for our family on the way to daycare and work everyday. We pray for safety, we pray for strength and we pray or guidance. My days are generally too busy not to pray. I need things to either work out in my favor, or the strength and the patience to deal with them when they don’t.
  3. Make a To-Do list. Making a to-do list helps to organize my thoughts. I try to keep a post-it or note pad handy. As Mamas we get so busy so quickly that we easily forget things. To cut back on some of the forgetfulness, make a list, look at it, and do what it says.
  4. Put on a real outfit. By that I mean don’t stay in your pajamas all day every weekend. Plan to be productive, even on your days off. Weekends are for making memories. So get dressed and go out and have fun with your Little.
  5. Read the Bible. I should have inserted, “Or listen to it.” In the mornings and sometimes during lunch I will listen to the Bible on my phone. I love it! Listening to it is nice because, depending on what program or app you use, it dramatizes it and makes it seem like you are there on scene.
  6. Take a walk. Even if it is just around the block or in the mall. Get some exercise in!
  7. Help your child/ren do a chore. There are age appropriate chores for ages 2- 20, find what they are and do one with your child/ren. Do it with them a few times so they know how to do it. And if you really want to kill two birds with one stone, turn on some music and groove ( exercise) while you do a chore like sweeping or putting away toys.
  8. Run the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher or clean the dishes before going to bed. My Godmother told me that there are 2 rooms in your house that should always be clean, your kitchen and your bathroom.
  9. Then I want to add number 9. Log on to christiansinglemama.com and tell all of your friends to too!

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  1. 8 Things is a great way to “smell the flowers” on this single motherhood journey. Each item is not only practical but also good daily therapy.

    It reminds me to give Melody the same love and care that she’ll be passing around all day to others. Give God a chance to love on her before she gives it all away.

    And then the “two-rooms” rule. That has always been my main concern. Don’t know why, though. It just makes sense. The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most important communal spaces for sustainable living: 1) intake and 2) output. Just basic necessities.

    Lastly, we, my son and I, do chores 90% of the time to music. It helps us to get into the rhythm of the day. I love the idea of “showing you better than I can tell you” how to get it done.

    Thanks, Arilia, for such a wonderful blog page. I love what you’re doing here. And I will do number 9 as well. Thanks for sharing. Melody D

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