A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord
God is our Father

God is our Father

“God is a Father to the Fatherless…” Psalms 68:5

Father to the FatherlessOne of my biggest concerns had been finding a good Daddy for Gia. I recognized 2 years ago that I would be doing this daily parenting thing alone and since then my prayer has been for my Husband-to-Be to come soon.

A good friend of mine pacified my mind and reminded me that right now, she doesn’t know that she is missing anything because she is not able to compare her life with anyone else’s life.

And that worked for me for a while, but this past Father’s Day I found myself in a little funk for her. I found myself getting upset that she doesn’t have a Father or even a Father figure in her life. It’s partly my fault. Gia and I live far away from our family while I am in school. We live in a small town and are in the process of getting to know people.

However, on Father’s Day, I thought about how when I was her age, I had two Dads. I had a stepdad and a biological dad when I was two, and they  were both very much a part of my life.  Then during some time in my teen years, my stepdad and my mom got divorced and for a while, I didn’t see my biological dad neither.

I thought about how my Godmother comforted me during that time and told me that no matter what, God was and is my Father and that he would never leave me. This came back to mind as I was thinking about this week’s devotional, “Who is God?”.

While both my stepdad and my biological dad are back in my life and have been for at least the last 5 years, my heart still longs for Gia to have someone.

Mama, can I be honest? I have no desire in being BOTH a Mommy and a Daddy to my child. I just want to be a Mom. I want her to be able to go ask Daddy sometimes. Yet, I am strong and I have been doing my best. Every now and then, I’ll break down. I break down when I am sick or when she is sick or when something is wrong with my car or when my bills are more than my paycheck. I cry and then collect myself again, I pray about it and then I do what I can.

Recently, I heard God whispering for me to allow him to fill that void. To allow him to be Gia’s Father. To allow him to provide for me and her with all our needs. To teach her to pray and work hard for what she wants.

God is indeed a Father to the Fatherless.

He is my daughter’s Father and while I’ll remain hopeful that my Husband-to-Be is on the way, Gia and I couldn’t ask for a better Father, than Father God.

Mama, could you relate to my desire for my child and wanting her to have a Daddy? If so please know that God will fill that void if you allow him. He will take care of you. He will send someone to be a Father or a Father figure. In God’s time, it will happen. Don’t lose hope and please don’t be too desperate. Don’t let down your guard or remove your boundaries just to have a man in the home. Allow God to be all that your heart desires, even if that’s your child’s Father.

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