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Change Your Thinking About Money

Change Your Thinking About Money

As a single mom, it can be difficult to manage your finances. I know that money is an area that I am struggling and growing and learning in. Sometimes I’ll get paid and then I do really well that first week. I’ll pay my bills, buy some food, fill up my gas tank and then will have some cash left over. I feel a since of pride. I think, “OK! Arilia, you got control over your money!”  And then something will come up or I will swing through the donut line one too many times during the week and I’m back to having $2 until I get paid again. I get sick and tired of being broke! I don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck and neither do you!

I’ve prayed and I’ve prayed and I’ve prayed that I’d make bigger progress in this area and can I tell you something? God wants to order my steps, but I have to be willing to move my feet. I have to change the way that I think about money and stop spending it and start saving it. I have to uproot this belief that money is for spending and spending all the time if I got it.

A friend of mine once said that one you throw out one thing, it will leave a void that needs to be filled with another thing. Meaning, sure, I’ll stop spending ALL my money as soon as I get it, but what am I going to do with the money I don’t spend? I save it and I make it stretch until the next paycheck.

If your paycheck and finances are set up anything like mine then, you get paid every other week. You check when your expenses are due and you pay them in advance or you pay them on time. You try to hide some money from yourself, in books, in your car, or in your wallet. Then you pray to God that nothing “comes up.” BUT then something comes up and POOF! There goes the $83 you were trying to save until the next paycheck. It happens to me A LOT.

It happens to me because that belief that I mentioned earlier about spending is so embedded in me that it’s requires hard work to uproot and to change!

BUT…Change requires hard work! Changing our thoughts about money requires hard work! It requires discipline. It requires intentionally not getting in line at the donut shop. It requires intentionally cooking a huge meal early on in the week and being OK with eating it every day for 5 days in a row. It requires sacrifice. The phrase, “Stay down, til you get up,” comes to mind.

Stay down, and live below your means. Stay down, and think of other ways to have a second or third income. Stay down, and save your money. Stay down, and practice some self control. Stay down on your knees, and have faith that the income that you have IS enough. Stay down and know that IF you’re handling your money right and your income isn’t enough, God will bless you and provide for you.  Stay down and start feeding yourself with practical saving and spending tips. Stay down and stay tuned for September! In September we will really be getting into this topic of finances as the Holidays are on their way!


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