Mama Winn’s Journal | Back 2 School

Mama Winn’s Journal | Back 2 School

Mama! I am starting school on Monday!

I will be starting the second semester of a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy program and I am excited! I am excited because of the obstacles that I have overcome to get thus far!

After my first semester, I made a huge financial mistake and wasn’t able to continue in the sequence of classes that I had started out on, but GOD! I was on the phone with an academic counselor who told me straight up that I could continue in the Fall! I was so excited to get this news. I was worried that the mistake that I had made would define the rest of my educational journey in a negative way. The academic counselor that I had during the beginning of summer had scared me into thinking that if I didn’t find the money to continue in my sequence, all hope was lost! I went searching for a personal loan, I thought about a quick loan, and I thought about asking for donations, but none of those ideas played out. Instead I decided that I needed to be honest with my counselor and let him know that I didn’t have the money.

One afternoon, I called the school to speak to him and he wasn’t in, so I spoke with someone else. Do you know that God will work things out in your favor?! The someone else that got on the phone with me said that I  could take an academic break and start in the fall. She broke it down for me! She gave me hope that it’s OK that I would be taking a different sequence and that it’d take me a semester longer – since I take a break for a semester- and I was OK with answer. I was OK with that answer because during that down time I have been able to come up with a game plan for the Ministry of Christian Single Mama. I have been able to rest and be restored.

Come Monday I will be ready! I will be ready to take on this class by the horns! I will be ready to continue my quest for a better education and finish strong! With God’s help I will endure! I will make it! And I will thank God for it.

Mama, know that if there is a will there is a way!

Sure, some of the mistakes that we make throw us off and some of them brings us to a complete stop. The decision can be up to you.  Let’s get real, when you got pregnant, you have several choices. You could have aborted that baby, you could have given that baby up for adoption, or you could have had a shot gun wedding and married your child’s daddy for “their sake”, but maybe you didn’t. Maybe you decided to have that baby and raise him or her by yourself and with the help of the Lord and family and friends. The mistake is never the child, the mistake that some of us mamas have made is fornication and fornication without a condom. I want you to know that your life as an individual DOES NOT have to end. You don’t have to give up your dreams. Don’t believe that lie that everything you do HAS TO BE for your child. If I would have believed that lie I would not be in school today!

I choose to believe that what is good for me, is also good for my child.

I prayed and I asked God that if having a higher education would be good for my family and his Word says we reap what we sow (Gal. 6:7). In my heart I knew that if I put my time into my studies, what I got from it will be good. Since I’ve started on this pursuit of my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, the desire to use my studies to help Christian Single Mamas has grown! It is my goal to one day be able to not only minister to Christian Single Mamas, but to counsel them. To God be the glory, I will be successful and all the hard work to come and the money spent and the time taken will not be in vain. Stay tuned! Next week  I’ll let you know how my first week of my second semester went. 😀 I can’t wait!




Mama’s journal is a weekly series where I share my current personal experiences. In everything that I do, I want God to get the glory. Should you be able to relate, don’t hesitate, drop a note in the comment section.

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