A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord
Do Everything You Can To Enjoy Being Single

Do Everything You Can To Enjoy Being Single

How many us single mamas pray and pray and pray for husband to come quickly? How many of us pray for a husband, because in our hearts we aren’t happy with being single? I can raise my hand and say that although I am writing this piece to encourage you, I am also writing this piece to encourage myself too.

Truth is, on my worst days, I get into a pity party and I wonder who is going to take care of me. When my child gets sick, and especially when I get sick, I cry. I cry and my first thought is, “Who is going to take care of me?”  While the right answer is God. I don’t immediately come to the conclusion, but I always , eventually come to the conclusion.

What also gets me in a little funk is Facebook! Facebook has a funny way of always showing me when a friend is engaged or married or is in a new relationship. I think, “Oh good for them.” Then I look up and say, “OK God, so what about me? Don’t I need a man more than them? I have a child, they don’t.” In my heart I am jealous and I covet after what person has and I have to correct myself. Therefore I am encouraging you to correct yourself as well.

When you find yourself getting jealous and wanting what someone else has, turn it off. Exit out of Facebook immediately and ask God to forgive you. Ask God to help you deal with the hurt that may be lingering in your heart from all of the past failed relationships. Ask God to help you to be happy and thankful in this season of singleness. Ask God to open your eyes to what a joy it singleness really is. It sounds strange, it sounds awkward. How can being a single mom be a happy thing?

Here’s some ways that being a single mom is a happy thing for me:

  1. I have my child, majority of the time, all to myself.
  2. I get to be a little selfish with my time.
  3. My responsibility is really only to one other person than myself.
  4. I am able to send time with the Lord.
  5. I don’t have to cook for too many people.
  6. I make my own decisions without having to ask anyone.

I am sure there are more things that I should list, but I am forgetting to, but you get the picture. Be grateful Mama! If not because you want to, but because God commands you to in 1 Thessalonians.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

How clear is that message?! Give thanks for being single because that is God’s will for you. And with that do whatever it takes for you to be thankful in this season. For me, that meant deleting my profile that I created on an online dating website. I created it because I had a friend who met her husband to be on there. I kept it for as long as I did because she met him after being on there for 3 months and I thought the same thing could and would happen to me. I desperately wanted what she had. So far online dating hasn’t done anything good for me. It’s made me more anxious and more unhappy than ever before. That’s not God’s will for me, so I’ve deleted it.

I’ve also exited out of my Facebook when I found myself getting into a funk over others constantly getting married or into a new relationship and there aren’t even any prospects knocking at my door or texting my phone.

My efforts to be a happy and a thankful single mama are small, but to God be the glory, I have faith in them and they work for me. Do what you need to do for you to consistently be happy and thankful for this season as a single mama, trust me, God will bless you for it.

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