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It’s Hard Not To Stress

It’s Hard Not To Stress

It’s hard to deal with stress

I get it mama, it’s hard not to stress out and burn out as a single mama, but here are some ways to avoid it and get it under wraps. After all, your baby needs you at your best.

  1. Pray. I know, I don’t like “churchy” answers either, but mama, if you haven’t prayed about everything that you are worried about then no wonder you are worried about it! Pray about it and then move on. Pray about it and then be on the look out for God to make a way.
  2. Get a handle on finances. Mama! It is SO STRESSFUL to live pay check to pay check. It is also stressful when you are trying to change the way that you think about money and to change the way that you utilize it. Know that whatever your financial situation may be, God already knows what you need. If God can make sure that the bird have worms to eat and nest to lay in, surely YOU HIS CHILD, are much more important than that bird. Surely you his child, the one he sent his son to die on the cross for, is much more important than any animal that he cares for.
  3. Get a support system. For me this took a little while. I moved from one state to another. I moved away from family and friends and kind of had to start over. Sure, i had people i could call on, but if something terrible happened, I was all alone for a while. Then God blessed me with friends and extended family that I know that I can call on in the time of need. It is so important for us to have good, godly people in our life. It takes a village to raise a child so get you one! Be intentional about it.
  4. Treat kids like kids. I know it’s hard to have to do everything by yourself. Yet, don’t put too much responsibility on your little one/s. Remind yourself that they will only be that age once, have some mercy on them. Try not to shout and exercise your patience.
  5. Take time for your children. Make time daily to do an activity with your child. It could help you take your mind off of the things that are bothering you. It will also help you bond with your child as well. Maybe even have a day dedicated to specifically do fun things with your child. For me and Gia, that’s Saturdays, Saturdays are for making memories.
  6. Make time for yourself. My “Me time” is in the mornings and then during my lunch hour, every now and then I will hire a baby sitter and just take myself out to eat or get my nails done or do whatever I want, but alone and baby free. This time is so important. It’s refreshing and it is so needed.
  7. Last but not least, stay positive. Be grateful! This season is only temporary. Your baby will only be that age once, so enjoy!


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