A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord
Never Been Married

Never Been Married

More of today’s mothers, have never been married.

That is the title of the article and research conducted by Pew Research that I will be responding and referring to as I try to help you understand why Christian Single Mama is a ministry that I am so passionate about.

As a single mother who grew up in the church and even went through programs to help me stay pure, I find little to no support for the Christian single mom who has never been married. There are plenty of ministries out there for moms who are now single because of a divorce. There are plenty of organizations for single moms who aren’t in church and who aren’t Believers. But what about the others?

What about the Christian Single Mamas that have never been married?

According to the article,  44%, more than four-in-ten, single mothers have never been married. To state the obvious, that’s almost half!

What’s going on in the World?

When the marriage rate is low and the divorce rate is high, it’s no surprise that the rate of single moms who have never been married is what it is.

Since May 8,2016, I have made it my business to try and serve and minister to “the others”, to the Christian Single Mamas who have never been married. While I don’t know how many of that 44% are Christian Mamas, I am sure there are some and if you know of one, please tell her about Christian Single Mama!

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