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Mama Winn’s Journal| First Week of School

Mama Winn’s Journal| First Week of School

So I started school on Monday! Yay…So I’m taking classes online and I love it! I’ve surprised myself and I am actually doing a lot better with it than I thought I would. However, I am with a new cohort and maybe it’s just me, but I’m all about turning things in ON TIME! We had a couple of discussion questions due and I was the first one to turn them in. Kudos for me.

ANYWAYS! I feel like I have a complaining spirit, but this week was hard for me y’all! Between working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault at a shelter 40 hours a week and coming home and dealing with a terrible terrific two year old, AND family drama, I am wore out!

I ment to take my baby girl out and do something fun after work but that was a hoot! So today, Saturday, I will make sure that her and I have some “Mommy & Me” time. My to list is somewhat long, but I’m not worried. I thank God in advance for working it all out for my good. I thank God for the rough week that I had so that when an easy week comes by, I’ll be that much more grateful for it.

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