Money Matters | Government Assistance

Money Matters | Government Assistance

Mama have you signed up for government assistance? If you haven’t, here are some names and descriptions of programs that you could consider looking into to see if there is something like it in your community.


SNAP (Food stamps)- Usually comes in the form of a card ( food stamps card). It is for those with low income that helps pay for food.

Food Pantry/ Food Bank- On certain days of the week, organizations will have times when you can come in and get different kinds of food for free.

Medicaid- Healthcare assistance. Must meet certain income requirements to qualify.

WIC- Food/ Nutrition assistance. They work with moms who have a child or children under the age of 5 years old. They help you with basic food needs to keep you ( when you are breastfeeding) and your child healthy.

TANF- Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. It’s similar to using a debit card.

Pregnancy Resource Center- A place where pregnant moms can take classes to earn points to get items for their child. They also provide ultrasound testing as well as testing for STDs.

Public Housing-  housing that is usually for people with low incomes or a disability, subsidized by public funds.

Section 8 Voucher- similar to public housing however the section 8 voucher allows you the freedom to pick where you want to live. Wherever you pick has to agree to take the voucher.

Early Learning Coalition- When I lived in Florida, this is what the child care assistance program was called. They pay for a portion of your daycare bill. Some of their requirements might be that you have to either be in school full time or be working over 20 hours a week.

Head Start- This is another child care assistance program.

Transitional Housing For Single Moms – In this small town, where I live, in Texas we have 2 housing programs specifically for single moms. One requires that the mom have a job and the other requires that the mom have a car. However the moms are able to save money and live there anywhere from a year or until their child turns 18.

Church- I work in the social service field and we refer our clients to churches all the time! Yes, your church may help you with rent, our a deposit, or medicine, you just have to reach out. If your church doesn’t another church might. Some cases you have to be a member of the church, other cases you do not. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you live in the State of Texas dial 211 to find any and all available resources and services near you.

 Mama, we have to swallow our pride.

We have to swallow our pride and realize that this season is only temporary. We have to humble ourselves and come to terms, because yes, some of need all or a few of the mentioned programs. When you look at your budget and barely have enough to care for you and your child, consider this list. You could plug in the most common ones (Food Stamps, Medicaid, and Early Learning Coalition) into your budget and see how much money you’d be saving.

Sometime we pray and we ask God to provide. We ask him to provide in the way that we want him to provide. We tell him to give us a better paying job when we’re not even the position for one nor do we have the education or the proper attitude for it. We tell him to “enlarge our territory” when we have not been faithful over the little that he has given us. We set out all types of requests for God without even checking ourselves in the first place. Surely, God is able to do whatever he wants regardless of ourself. But don’t get upset when all of our requests are met because you’re not in the position to have them met.

I love that scripture, “Faith without works is dead,” (James 2:17).

Mama, I have faith that God will provide because I have done my part. I have applied for the assistance that I need and am eligible for and I have faith that God will make it more than enough. He has and he will. I know that if he can do it for me, he can do it for you.





 The list that I have provided may not be all of the available 
services to single mothers. If interested take the initiative and 
look up what you need.

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