A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord
Relationship Advice From A Single Person

Relationship Advice From A Single Person

Mama, my Pastor said something that stung  A LOT of people at church on Sunday. He said, “If you are single, stop giving relationship advice to married people!” Mama, I nearly fell out! But it’s the truth! If you are married, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY ADVICE! I am single.

As for you Mama, I tell you to eat the meat and spit out the bones.

There are so many books out there that tell you what you should do while you remain single, and that’s my advice on what you should do when reading them. You have to understand that most people only write from a place of their level experience and perspective. So when I say to eat the meat and spit out the bones, I mean consider your beliefs, when reading posts about advice, ask yourself if they line up with what you believe, and if so great! That’s meat. If not, that’s a bone. Simple as that.

Because I am single, I am going to tell you 1. how to enjoy being single 2. what you can do in your season of singleness 3. dating don’ts  4. how to pray and prepare for your husband and things of that nature. Once you’re a relationship, check with a married person on how to stay in a relationship and what to do next.

Something that bothers me so much is a married woman telling me to wait for marriage for sex. I’m thinking, “Girl! Now that you have a pair of biceps and abs laying next to you every night, NOW you wanna preach to me about abstinence.” *gives a side eye*

So understand, that when I, a Mama like you, who has “tasted of the fruit” and knows that it is good, and knows that it is hard to refrain from tell you to be celibate, know that I know how difficult that is. Know that this is the season that I am living in. Know that my perspective and your perspective are close if not the same. Know that I am in the boat with you and that I hope we can grow together in that area.

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