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Mama Winn’s Journal | Rough Week Behind Me

Mama Winn’s Journal | Rough Week Behind Me

OMG! This past week has been trying! I mean I was really pushing and pulling and stretching myself.

On Wednesday I was in the grocery store having a hard time figuring out what items I could get with my WIC card when only one out of the 8 things that I had picked up matched. Mama! When I tell you I cried and had a moment in the grocery store, I had a  MOMENT and the nice lady standing behind me offered to pay for my items. I told her no thanks as I didn’t want the items to begin with, but I was trying to get what my WIC benefits said that I could get. I left instead with a bottle of wine and some gold fish crackers. I was too through!

It’s not that I was too through the grocery shopping, but by Wednesday evening I was just done with the week.

My job is already tough emotionally and we’ve had some pretty trying clients come through our doors recently. Then to leave that and come home and deal with the issues of life. It was too much for me. I had been trying to do everything on my own and I could not. I was burnt out. I was working beyond my limits and I learned something valuable.

Know your limits. Set your boundaries. If you don’t set your boundaries you are setting yourself up to be disrespected and worn out.

It must have been 10 minutes after the time that I was supposed to leave from work when one of my coworkers told me to leave and to call another coworker to cover for me. I tried making every excuse as to why i had to stay and she was not having it. So I left. She later called me and apologized for being angry, but little did she know, I needed  to go home. I was tired and I didn’t need to be there any more for the rest of that day.

I learned that by setting my boundaries and sticking to them I was caring for myself. It is so important that I care for myself as I care for my child and for the people that I work with. If I am not cared for I will not be useful to anyone.

I know you may be thinking, “Well, what about working in God’s strength?” 

If I had prayed and asked God for his strength to make it through the week, things would have been different. I would have been more aware of my boundaries and stuck to them. You see, as I am trying to find my balance, I am noticing that the closer I am to God the different my perspective on things are. His word is so true, when I come to him I find rest, I find peace, I find everything I need. Without God, my life is mess! I experienced a bit of that this past week and I don’t want to ever experience it again!

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