Huge Dating Mistakes We Mamas Make

Huge Dating Mistakes We Mamas Make

Mama! Are you dating yet? Are you thinking about it? What are some of your concerns?

Let me share with you a little research that I’ve done and give you 4 tips on things that you should avoid or even just give a second thought about when it comes to dating.

1. Don’t wait too late to start to date again.

Obviously, you know yourself better than anyone else, so take this the way that you want to, but you don’t have to wait until your child/ren is grown and out of the house to put yourself in a position to be loved by another human being again. God did not create us to be lonely creatures. It is very rare for people to stay single their whole life. If dating has been on your mind, then proceed with caution.

2.  Don’t start dating too soon. 

I know I just told you don’t wait too late, but don’t start too soon either. You should spend some time healing and allowing yourself to be emotionally unattached to your child’s father or any other man for that fact. It is just a set up for a disaster going from one broken relationship and into another. If you have given yourself at least 6 months of for sure happiness by yourself, then sure why not start to give dating another chance.

3. Don’t introduce your child/ren too soon! 

Mama, I have learned this from experience! You will be doing damage control when and if that person decides to break if off with you. I have asked around about when it would be a good time for a man that I am dating to meet my child and I have heard anywhere from 3 months to 6 months. Make sure that there is a real connection there before bringing that person into the life of your family. Be sure that person agrees with your beliefs as a Christian and is willing to love your child unconditionally. Be sure that person has the right intentions. Thr right intentions mean that they are not just dating to have someone, but that they are dating to marry. Make that clear early on to save yourself and your baby from heartache.

4. Don’t become sexually intimate.

Some of the sites where I pulled my ideas from for this post said “Don’t become sexually intimate too soon,” and that’s right if you’re not a Christian and you don’t care about what the Word of God says. HOWEVER, for YOU, the CHRISTIAN single Mama, you SHOULD care about what God has to say about sex before marriage. Now I am not dumb, we all know how we ended with a baby or babies before, so why do it again? Why continue being disobedient to God? Mama, I have to admit, as I type this I am feeling so convicted myself. My journey has been tough in this area, but God continues to make me stronger. So I understand. Mama, I understand that once you’ve tasted the fruit and KNOW that it’s good, that’s it’s hard to stop, but that’s what God requires of us. Get to know that man well without knowing him sexually. Don’t spend too much at his house or your house. You don’t need to be sitting on his bed. You know yourself. Be careful.


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  1. Cassie

    Perfect! And you have to go there on the no sex topic. You just have to.

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