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The Fruit of Self-Control & Spending Money

The Fruit of Self-Control & Spending Money

Mama, how many of us can admit that we love to spend money? I do!

However, God has really been getting on to me about my impulsive spending. Impulsive meaning, if I want it, I buy it. If I want it, I don’t consult with my budget that I have made, or if I do consult my budget I make a poor choice and buy what I want and put off a bill to be paid later. I’m simply talking about myself, I know that you can’t relate. *Throws you a side eye.*

Mama, God calls us to exercise the fruit of the Spirit, and self-control is one of them. We need to exercise self control when spending and to nip impulsiveness in the butt! But how? How can I do that when all my life I have women that I love shop till they drop! Now, I’m not blaming them, obviously I am a capable adult and I am to be responsible with my money. However, how are you to do something that you are not familiar with? EASY! Do your research, look for ways different from what you use to doing, study them and then apply them.

The opposite of impulsive is self-controlled.

It’s telling yourself no to temptation! It’s becoming disciplined. It requires growth and a lot of knocks, depending on how stubborn you are. BUT be encouraged, WE can overcome! Our financial health depends on it!

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