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#CSMGoesPurple| Preventing Domestic Violence

#CSMGoesPurple| Preventing Domestic Violence

Myth: Domestic violence can not be prevented.

Truth: Yes, domestic violence can be prevented. It can be prevented on three different levels.

Primary level: Before the abuse occurs.

Domestic violence does not have to occur at all. This is what all domestic violence organizations strive to see, a community free of domestic violence. This can happen through awareness. A community that thinks that domestic violence doesn’t happen there is not aware. Sometimes people are aware that their neighbor is being hurt but they don’t know what to call it or who to call. That’s where education falls into place. Understanding what domestic violence is and what it looks like is key to preventing it from happening any further. Also educating young and younger people about healthy relationships and how to have them and what they look like is also important.

Secondary level: During the abusive relationship.

Some say it will take a person seven attempts to leave an abusive relationship before they actually do. In the mean time, what can this person do to stay safe in the household? They can contact any domestic violence organization to find out. I don’t want to give away techniques when an abuser can access the internet just as well as a victim can.

Tertiary level: After the relationship is over.

Once the abusive relationship is over many will say, ” I will never go back to him/her again.” And while that may be true, a lot of times they will end up with another abuser. In order to stop the cycle there are somethings that a survivor can do to get back on their feet, to heal, and to find love that won’t harm them. They could start with the primary prevention level and become aware of what domestic violence is and how to have a healthy relationship. It takes a lot of effort but it can be done.

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