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Embrace This Season

Embrace This Season

1 Thess. 5:17- 18 reminds that we are to ALWAYS be thankful. And while Thanksgiving is 20 days away and while I know you that you follow that verse to a T and are thankful all year round, how about we really embrace this season thankfulness? How about we be intentional in sharing our gratitude.

If you are thankful for your child’s father, tell him. If you are thankful for your mother, show her. If you are thankful for your child, let them know. Showing your gratefulness doesn’t have to include money, and when it comes to your child’s dad, you don’t have to have sex with him to show that you are thankful. ( Tilts head to the side and looks at you.)

To show that you are thankful can mean that you do something that you normally wouldn’t do, like letting them keep the kids longer than normal. For your mom, showing her your thankful for her help could mean, making her meal or taking her out to dinner. For your children, showing them that you are thankful for them, could mean allowing them to make plans for y’all this weekend. Mama, whatever it is that you decide on doing this, do something!

Need some real life tips?

Check in with me on Instagram ( @ChristianSingleMama) and see how I planned on showing Gia, my mom, my sister, and my dad that I am thankful for all that they do for me and for who they are, it’s going to be exciting!

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