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Cooking Healthy Meals

Cooking Healthy Meals

Cooking healthy meals is simple.

Cooking may seem more difficult than just to buying a bag of chips or pulling through the drive thru and grabbing your child/ren a bite to eat.

And you might be right! 

Mama. I bet you already know where I am going with this post.

Just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean that it’s right. Mama, just like anything else going on in life you have to work hard. Not that you aren’t working hard, I know that you are, but we can’t get lazy. We can’t get lazy especially when it comes to our children’s health.

*Below you will find a copy of my Weekly Meal Plan and my Grocery List.


For Breakfast: eggs and grits, oatmeal, thin bagels with cream cheese and apple jelly, granola, yogurt and blueberries, milk and berry smoothie, cottage cheese and crackers, and mini bagels with cream cheese.

For Lunch: she has lunch at daycare, but on the weekends she’s home with me so we had peanut butter and banana sandwich, and turkey wraps with fruit.

For Dinner: Because I cook enough to usually last two days, I include 4 meals. Pasta marinara, chicken and rice and veggies, cabbage and chicken and cornbread, and veggie burgers.

For Snack: Fruit cups ( made from well rinsed canned fruit), blueberry muffins (made from the box), popcorn, oatmeal cookies (followed the recipe off of the container), apples, fruit cup, and crackers with peanut butter ( she loves peanut butter so I make my own, peanut crackers, stay tuned for the recipe).

So there it is! And as you can see, majority of what I have planned for this week is healthy.

There are so many good things that will be going into my child’s body AND my body as well. Eating healthy is not only important for her health, but it is also important for her development.

*Interested in having a blank copy of my Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery List? Click here to download. When printing make sure that you click on “scale to fit page” so that nothing gets cut off.

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