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Mama2Mama|Starting All Over Again

Mama2Mama|Starting All Over Again

Mama2Mama was meant to be a YouTube series that I posted every Monday and eventually it will be, but for now the written word is just as important as the spoken word, so here we are:

Mama2Mama| Starting All Over Again

Mama, how do you start all over after you had been in a relationship that left you feeling broken and disgusted with men in general?

You give your heart to God and you keep it there.

Easier said than done, right?

Right, but it must be done.

It must be done so that when the time comes for you to be in a relationship again the baggage that you are carrying now won’t weigh your new relationship down.

Give your heart to God. Confuse to him that you are lonely when you are lonely. Confess to him that you need somebody of the opposite sex when you need somebody of the opposite sex. God’s word tells us to cast all of of cares on him. That means everything. That means everything from money issues to relationship issues.

One thing that has bugged me since starting over again, are all of the married people giving single folks advice without a hint of love. I mean, have you seen those videos of married women and men giving advice in an aggressive manner.

“You better be single and not lonely,”

“You better enjoy your singleness”

“Get closer to God and you will find a man!”

Wisdom or not is not what I am here for, but to me it seems like whole lot of motivational speaking.

The Bible tells us to speak to one another with love because a harsh tone only brings about anger and anger makes a person a fool. Therefore… check who you are following and who you are allowing to speak things over you.

Loneliness is an honest feeling. Give it over the Lord. Allow him to help you work through it.

I promise you, as I am typing this post out, God is ministering to me as I am ministering to you.

Loneliness has to subside or else you could find yourself in a relationship that you ought not have been in.

Loneliness will cause you to do things and go places where you don’t belong and I am not telling you these things because I have read them, but I am telling you these things because I have lived them.

I thank God every night for his protection because I have had men in my life that should have ruined me, but God!

Mama, when I started out with this post I had every intention to write a list of some ways for you start over after being in a toxic relationship, but God knows that the Mama reading this needed more.

I pray that something you’ve read has touched you and inspired you.

I pray that as you get ready to start over that you know that you are loved. I pray that you would come to know that God is enough. I pray that you would come to know that it’s OK to only tell God how you are feeling, he is our father and our very resent help in time of need. You are not alone. The same and the guilt that you may be feeling is normal, but don’t stay there. It’s ok to cry. Cry and then pick yourself up and then move forward.

Move forward and keep the Word of God near you.

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