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Budget – It’s Important To Have One

Budget – It’s Important To Have One

Mama, let’s talk money! 

Here is a copy of my budget that I had started to make for the next two weeks.


I make a budget every two weeks because I get paid bi-weekly.

In creating my budget I think about when things are due, I think about when  my paycheck hits, I think about other miscellaneous expenses, I think about my tithes and I think about my savings.

For me, I need a budget! I need to see where my money is going. I need it because it is my self-control tool! If it is not in the budget it does not get spent. That includes going out with coworkers and friends. If I have not planned for it, I can not do it. Simple.

Well… OK, at first budgeting was something that I struggled with, it was a struggle because I was impulsive. I had to pray and pray and I am still praying that God would fill up with gift of being frugal so much so the curse of impulsiveness wouldn’t have any more room.

Yes, there are times when I don’t stick to my budget and it is usually those times when I end up finding myself in a financial mess.

Therefore a budget is my friend.

If you aren’t already using a budget and you don’t know where to start or how to make one, I strongly encourage you to download and print the “Budget” found under the Printables tab. It looks exactly like the one seen in the photo. Then come back on Monday for Mama2Mama to figure out to use it.

Otherwise , good luck!

I pray that this you we would become finically free. I pray that our finical freedom would mean that we aren’t waiting on payday to get more money because we have more than enough. I pray that our financial freedom looks like higher credit scores. I pray that our financial freedom looks like we’re on our way to being debt free. I pray that our financial freedom looks like our income stretching and being more than enough.

Pray with me and let’s start making preparations to receive what we’ve been praying for.

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