A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord
Loving Jesus, Gia, and Me

Loving Jesus, Gia, and Me

Valentine’s Day is dreaded by so many people, mostly single people, and that’s OK, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, on Valentine’s Day we too can celebrate love. Here’s how:

Loving Jesus 

Today make sure that you spend some time with our Savior. Let him know how much you love him. Let him know that you love him because of who he is and not just because of all of the things that he’s done. Let him know that he is the King of your heart and that he will always be the King of your heart. Take time out to praise and worship him. He alone is worthy.

Loving Your Child/ren 

Make sure that your child/ren knows that you love them. Make them a card. Take the out to a restaurant or to the park. Go to the daycare/school and have lunch with them. Whatever the case maybe, let it be done in love. Unplug from your computer and your phone and spend undivided quality time with them. Cuddle up with them to a movie and snacks and enjoy evening.

Loving Yourself

Don’t forget to show yourself some love too! For me this more than likely happen after work and after I put my child to bed. I’ll stay up a little later tonight and enjoy a warm bible bath. I’ll paint my nails and read a good book or write a little. I won’t spend too much time thinking about the guys that I dated in the past. I won’t bother thinking about the fact that I’m single. In fact, every time one of those thoughts cross my mind today, I am choosing to turn it around into something. I will thank God for my season of singleness. I will thank God for protecting me from counterfeits. I will thank God and I will praise him because he is not done with me yet.

Today, make sure that you spend time loving Jesus, your child/ren and yourself. Don’t allow yourself to get into a funk. Don’t focus on who or what you don’t have, but thank God for what you do have.

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