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5 Indoor Activities For Kids

5 Indoor Activities For Kids

Let’s talk about activities!

Activities for the indoors are so important to have.

If you are living on the East coast or anywhere where there is cold weather ( anything below 60 degrees) then you could use some help with deciding what to do with your baby indoors.

  1. Super Heros- If your child is anything like mine then you know how crazy these kids are about super heros. From time to time Gia will throw a towel over her shoulders and ask me tie it with a rubber band. One evening I decided to join her and we had an awesome running up and down the hallways of our home pretending to be be Super Girl! It was a lot of fun! I also burned some calories and Gia slept through the night without a problem!
  2. Flashcards- Gia is at this age when she thinks learning is fun. Every now and then we go to the Dollar store and get her flash cards to learn and play with. Sometimes she will get a reward ( Cookies or Juice) if she gets the whole deck right, other times I just tell her how smart she is and how great of a job she did. She loves being told that she does a good job so when she does, I try to let her know that I see her.
  3. Dance Party- turn on some kid friendly music and boogie on down! While this is really easy and may even be a small activity your child/ren will get a good laugh out of it. Don’t worry about dancing to the rhythm , be goofy and copy some of their dance moves. They will love it!
  4. Old McDonald’s Farm Animals- Do you remember that song? Sing the song or even find it on YouTube and sing along.Then during the parts when you have to make the noise of the said animal you make the noise! Who cares if you are in 40s, you are never too old to be silly. And who cares if your child is not 3 anymore, they are never too old to revise a classic.  For example, sing  “Old McDonald’s had a farm, E I E I O and on his farm he had a duck — now this is when you quack like a duck, at the top of your lungs if you wanted to– E I E I O.”
  5. Build a Marshmallow House- All you will need are marshmallows and pretzel sticks. Show your child how to stick the pretzel stick in the marshmallow and use them to build something. And when you’re all done, eat it! This would be a great activity to do around snack time.

Okay, so don’t roll your eyes at me, and I totally understand if you think that some of these activities require a lot of movement, but understand that I am trying to help you out here. A tired baby is a good baby, even if you have to wear yourself out a little too to get there.

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