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Kids Corner| Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Kids Corner| Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Singing is on the menu for today’s Kid’s Corner!

This isn’t anything new. I had posted a video of Gia singing the children’s song, “Yes, Jesus Loves Me,”  some time ago and here it is:

As I revisit this video and this song again I am moved. I am moved because Gia sings this song all day everyday! It doesn’t matter where we are at, she will burst out in song and I am not even sure if she realizes what she is saying.

I pray that one day she would understand. I pray that one day she would know without a shadow of doubt that Jesus loves her simply because the Bible tells her so. I pray that she would recognize Jesus’ love for her each and every day. I pray his love for her would lurer her and cause her to love him back. I pray that she would love Jesus all the days of her life. My little girl, she is so sweet and so kind and so loving. I am so grateful for her!

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  1. OMG!!!! I love this!!!…Are Lil Ones truly show us Gods love…It reminds us of Gods Love…My Lil One sings “No longer slaves” by Johnathan David & Melissa Helser (Bethel Music) … and its like he knows what it means and says, he wants to hear it over and over and then he sings it with soo much power and strength!….Our Lil Ones are truly our Lil Angels <3 Thank you for sharing beautiful mamah!

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