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Praying, Fasting, Journaling

Praying, Fasting, Journaling

Next month I will be doing a 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting leading up to Easter Sunday, won’t you join me?

Tonight I will release a “40 Days of Prayer and Fasting Calendar” that will tell you what to pray about for that day.

I have already released a prayer journal prompt schedule that can be found under the Printables tab or (click here).

The prayer journal prompt schedule is for those of us who keep a prayer journal and may like a little direction in what to pray about for the day.

The purpose of all of this is for us to pray. It is time for us to get closer to God, now more than ever. It is time for us to get intentional about we are talking to God about. Right now is the time. Don’t put it off. Come back tonight and have a peek at what we will be doing all of March and part of April.

I’m so excited!

During my 40 Days of prayer, I will also be fasting for 40 days from eating out and spending money on non-essentials for 40 days as well!

Anywho, see ya back here later tonight!

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