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March Prayer Journal | Trust

March Prayer Journal | Trust

For the month of March let’s focus our prayer time on these specific topics.

Today’s topic is “Trust”.

Dear Lord,

I trust you! I trust you to be the captain of my life and the anchor of my soul.

I pray that I am able to guard my heart and not be so trusting to man when your word tells us not to trust them ( Psalms 118:8), but to trust you. You are my refuge, you are my hiding place, you are my father, you are sovereign and you know what’s best for me.

I pray that when the times comes and I am in a relationship that trust would be there because he has you in his heart.

I pray that I would be able to trust you. I pray that I would allow you to take total control over my life and over Gia’s life as well.

I pray that the way Gia trusts me, she would trust you even more. I pray that she would cling to you the way that she clings to me.

I pray for my single mom friend reading this. I pray that she would trust you with her life and her child’s life as well. I pray that she would allow you take total control over her situation.

I pray that you would open our eyes to anyone that we trust that we ought not. I pray that you would reveal their hearts to us and that our eyes would be open.

I pray that your Holy Spirit would be with me and my friend reading this, on today. Be with us and speak to us concerning our prayers.

We love you Lord and we ask that all these things be done according to your will.

In Jesus name.


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