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Challenge | Start Saving Cents

Challenge | Start Saving Cents

Saving money!

Starting today, March 3, until June 1, I am saving all of my change and putting it in a jar. The purpose: Gia’s 3rd birthday is at the end of June, so I’ll start saving to buy her birthday gifts or whatever she wants.

Won’t you join the challenge?

Who: YOU!

What: Save all of your change somewhere where you won’t spend it. Out of sight, of mind.

When: Starting today, March 3 and ending June 1. That’s 90 Days.

Where: You own home! But lets check in at the 14 day mark then the 30 day mark, than the 60 day mark and then 90 days!

Why: Although I will be saving up for Gia’s birthday this challenge is so much deeper than that. Ultimately we will be taking baby steps towards learning how to save money. If you can start by saving cents, then you can save dollars, then tens of dollars, and hundreds of dollars, then hopefully thousands, but you have to start somewhere.

Join the challenge!

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  1. Nice! We’re have a jar for coins here, too. We save from Jan to Jan. Last year we saved $80 something, this year I hope we hit $100 but we’ve been slacking so far. :/ Thanks for the motivation!

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