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March Prayer Journal | Family 

March Prayer Journal | Family 

For the month of March let’s focus our prayer time on these specific topics.

Today’s topic is “Family”

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my family. Thank you for my parents. They’ve always tried to do their best when raising me. I pray that in that regard, I could do the same for Gia. I pray for my sister. I pray that you would meet her needs. I pray for my mother,  that you’d touch her body and dry up the cancer. Give her the strength to make it through this part of her life. I pray for my blood family that lives near and far. We are all going through something. I pray that you’d be everything that they’d need. I pray for the family of Christ. I pray that you’d help us to turn from our sinful ways. I pray that you’d help us to humble ourselves as well as stand up boldly to sin. I pray for my sister or brother reading this,  touch their heart dear God. Renew their mind and strengthen their spirit. I pray that you would fill every void in their life. I thank you for them. Bless them.

In Jesus name, amen.

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