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Christian Single Mama Supports | Morinda for Cancer Patients

Christian Single Mama Supports | Morinda for Cancer Patients

Feb. 2, 2017 was my mom’s last day of chemotherapy!

About 3 years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and praise God! Her chemo-journey wasn’t as bad as it could have been and she braved through it really well. Through other’s prayers and well wishes, and with the help of her medicine and supplement, she’s on the road to recovery.

Another source that she is accrediting for her making it through is Morinda. Morinda is the name of a company, that my mom is now apart of, that sales natural products that are good for the body.

She accredits their juice, Tahitian Noni Juice, to helping her get energized. Energy is a HUGE loss for some chemo patients, but by drinking this juice, my mother felt so much better.

Below is more information on Morinda as well as a link to my mother’s website.

4374085Morinda Consultant Jacqueline Wilson (4374085) 

Our mission to help people live younger, longer through AGE awareness firmly cements our position as innovators and leaders in the health supplement industry. Our TrūAge destiny is propelling us into the future while simultaneously earning us a place in history.

Source: Morinda

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