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Resourceful Parenting Books

Resourceful Parenting Books

Here is a list of resourceful books on parenting: 

Kruk, E. (2013). The Equal Parent Presumption : Social Justice in the Legal Determination of Parenting After Divorce. Montreal [Quebec]: MQUP.

The subject of this book is parenting after divorce. In most custody battles the judge determines what the “best interest of the child” is and for years this has been an issue. In the book Equal Parent Presumption, Edward Kruk presents a different approach, an approach that is more child-focused which means it takes the child’s perspective into account when determining custody. Kruk challenges previous ideas and research and presents a more evidence- based framework that lays the parental responsibilities equally. This book also addresses principles from gender equality in parenting after divorce and presents an alternative way to look at it.


Leman, K. (2014). Have a Happy Family by Friday: How to Improve Communication, Respect & Teamwork in 5 Days. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell

Psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman gives steps on how to improve communication, respect and teamwork within the family in five days. There are tasks listed from Monday to Friday for parents to follow. Monday’s task is to “choose your words and change your family”. Tuesday he list ways on how to improve the way parents spend their time, what to prioritize, what type of activities to conduct, how to keep work separate from home, and budgeting finances. Wednesday is how to navigate the perfect storm. Thursday is why dad can’t be mom and mom can’t be dad, and Friday is mission possible. The book also entails how everyone in the family is important and when mistakes are made everyone needs to know they will still be loved regardless of their mistakes.


Tsika, P., Tsika K, B. (2014). Parenting with Purpose: Winning the Heart of Your Child: Shippensburg: Destiny Image, Inc.

Relationship coaches Paul and Billie Tsika openly share their parenting experiences, the good and the bad. They also bring their children’s perspectives into the book as well. There are seventeen chapters within the book. The subjects of some of the chapters are, “Understanding the Spirit of Your Child” (chapter seven), “From Law to Grace” (chapter chapter nine), and “The Day They Get Married” (chapter sixteen). The Tsika family go into detail about how to handle each situation, in a christian manner, in the different stages of a child’s life.


Rigby, J. (2014). Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World: New York: Howard Books

Author and speaker Jill Rigby shows how to raise children by instilling character and purpose but, without encouraging rebellious behavior. She focuses her attention on our society and how it has put more emphasis on self-respect than self-esteem. The book also analysis three different styles of parenting, parent-centered, child-centered and character-centered.  Parent-centered parents are more concerned with their own agenda than their child’s. Child-centered parents are more concerned with their child’s approval than their child’s well being. Character-centered parents are more concerned with their child’s character than their child’s comfort. She makes parents focus more on what they want their child to become rather than what they want their child to do.


Matlock, M. (2010). Real world parents : Christian parenting for families living in the real world. El Cajon, Calif. : Youth Specialties ; Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan, c2010.

Real World Parents is about Christian parents raising their children in a world that does not have the same morals as they do. Mark Matlock goes over how parents can be protective instead of reactive when it comes to raising their children. Instead of teaching children to be “good Christians”, Matlock suggest that parents be a good example and live out the faith that they proclaim. He also goes over how parents can help create boundaries for their children instead of keeping them isolated from the world. He explains that this way will help them grow up to be successful adults who continue on in their faith.

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