Prayer Journal- How to Create One

Prayer Journal- How to Create One

Mama, how do you stay consistent in your prayer? For me, I keep a prayer journal and it works wonders! I’ve been keeping a prayer journal for over 5 years now and when I look back over some of my writings I can’t help but to thank the Lord!

I keep a prayer journal because:

  1. It helps me to constantly be praying.
  2. It helps me to see how far I’ve come.
  3. It helps me to see what prayers have been answered.
  4. It is more private than a prayer closet.
  5. It is almost therapeutic, to write my feelings out to God.

I love my prayer journal!

The prayer journal that I use, I also sell a version of it in my shop. However if you’d like me to make you a journal similar to the one shown in the video below, email me at with your request.

Here is a look at my prayer journal

Create your own!

Buy one from me at my shop!


Purchase a composition book.

Decide how many sections you are going to have.

In mine I have 4  – myself, my child, everything else, then pages for drawing.

Then create tabs for each topic by cutting out the paper to look like tabs that go on dividers.

Then that’s it!

When you pray, write your prayers down. Use this month’s prompts to help you be intentional in your prayer time!

Also,  when you are reading your bible, have your prayer journal with you. You may be lead to pray right then and there.

Not interested in creating your own prayer journal? 

Don’t worry, download the  60 Minute Prayer Journal Worksheet  HERE.

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