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Eat At The Table With Your Child

Eat At The Table With Your Child

Growing up I remember when my mom, my step dad, my sister and I all gathered around the dinner table to eat. Unfortunately we also had the tv in the dinning room, so a lot of dinner time was spent eating and watching tv vs. eating and talking to each other.

Meal time should be family time.

Eating together gives you some time to set good eating habits with your child. She/he will learn to eat by the way that you eat. If you chew with your mouth open, expect for your child to copy you. If you pray before eating, expect your child to do the same.

Start while they are young.

It’s important to start eating meals as a family early on, that way it will be engrained in them and when they become teenagers, it will be less of a hassle to get them from out of the front of the tv and into the dining room.

Meal plan!

Plan your meals ahead of time. It doesn’t hurt to cook your dinner days ahead of time and then freeze them until you’re ready to eat.

Download this free printable to help you with your meal planning!

Give it a try.

Mama, I get it, you may be working and going to school and taking care of little ones all on your own and it’s difficult to sit down at the table and eat together, but give it a try. I mean really, start slow, plan three days a week when you will sit at the table and eat with your child. Once you see how much they love this time with you, you are sure to do it more!

Make dinner times something that they’ll never forget.

Make sure the tv is off and that there is a conversation going. Even if you baby is hardly talking, talk to them and let them know that you are there and present with them.

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