Having Fun In Abilene With My Toddler

Living in Abilene, Texas ,the Storybook Capital of Texas, has been interesting thus far and I look forward to exploring more of this little city with my little.

Bucket listed Attractions

1. Buffalo Gap Historic Village
2. Abilene Zoo
3. The Grace Museum
4. Fort Phantom Hill
5. Cockerel Galleries
6. Primetime Family Even Center
7. Paramount Theater
8. Center for Contemporary Arts
9. Frontier Texas
10. Library
11. NCCI
12. 12th Armored Div. Memorial Museum

I am sure that once we conquer this bucket list we will have made lots of memories!

As a parent that’s what it is all about, making lasting memories that will have a good effect on your child’s life.

Curious to find out what gems are hiding in your city? Have a look on the city website! You may find some attractions that you haven’t heard of and you may have lived in that your whole life!

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