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In Every Season Give Thanks

In Every Season Give Thanks

Sometimes we get so caught up in list of our goals and desires and wants that we overlook what we already have.

Therefore we need to give thanks in EVERY season! In the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health, remain faithful and committed to God, to your child, and to your well being.

Being thankful takes our eyes off of the situation and it places our focus back on God.

God is in control! 

Even in your darkest hour and in your happiest moment, God is there. Thank him!

Mama, I know that things could be bad for you right now, but they could be so much worse. There is always someone doing worse off than you. I don’t say that to minimize what you are going through, rather, I say that to give you a different perspective.

Count your blessings! 

If you are reading this, there are several things that you can add to your list of blessings right now. You can add “life”. You can add a computer or phone. You can add “internet connection”. You can add ” sight”. You can add “the ability to read”… I mean, I know those may seem like some really small and petty things to count as blessings, but how different would your life be like without them?!

Your life would be so different if you didn’t have what and who you have right now! 

So give thanks!

Earlier this week I paired with Stephanie over at The Unknown Journey Blog for her #EncouragingMonday414 , check her out on Instagram @theunknown.414  for a recap on this exact subject!

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