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If My Daughter’s Going to Be Like Me

If My Daughter’s Going to Be Like Me

It amazes me at how much my 2 year-old daughter strives to be like me!

From repeating words that I say to wearing my heels and trying to walk around in them, my daughter’s first ever role model is me, her mom, and while I am honored I am frightened!

No, really! I am the farthest thing from perfect, but I pray that if she’s going to be like me, then God I want to be like you.

I want to be godly and:

  • I want to have patience and be calm in the moments when I usually want to yell and freak out.
  • I want to give her grace and mercy in situations when she messes up and disappointments me.
  • I want to make sure that I am nurturing her in the way that  will be beneficial to her future.
  • I want to be the voice of wisdom that she needs when problems arise.

Ultimately I want to be the woman that God has called be to be with the hopes that she will follow my steps.

Mama, who are you today?

Are you OK with your child being like you when they grow up? If the answer is no, then decide what needs to be changed and allow God to help you.

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