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Date Someone Who Will Chase God With You

Date Someone Who Will Chase God With You

Do you dare to date again?

Spring is here and some of us may be thinking about trying to date again. For many, “dating” is the last thing on our minds. Yet for those Mamas that are considering it here are a couple of questions for you to think about:

  1. Will you date a man that does not put God first?
  2. What are God’s standards in regards to what it means to be a godly man?
  3. Are you willing to wait for someone that fits God’s standard?
  4. Do you fit God’s standards in regards to what it means to be a godly woman?
  5. What are you needing to work on? Are you willing to give it over to God?
  6. What are your boundaries when it comes to your child?
  7. How long will you wait before you allow your child to meet the person you are dating?
  8. What do you do if the relationship doesn’t work out?
  9. What are your intentions for the relationship?

Mama, there is so much to think about, and so many questions to answer when it comes to dating, so be careful! Take your time. Trust the Holy Spirit that is within you. When something doesn’t seem right, slow down and take a step back. During the relationship make sure that you are making more steps towards God than away from him. I know that we all fall short of God’s glory, however, the person that you are dating should believe in repentance. You have to know that you don’t have to wallow in sin, you can get back up and not lay down there again.

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