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30 Days of No Meat

30 Days of No Meat

No meat and no sweets for the next 30 days is my goal!

In an effort to lose inches I am going on a meat free and sweets free diet. Today is meal prep day and that means that I am looking up recipes and creating a shopping list for the items that I need for the next week. I’m using my meal plan and shopping list printables to help me out.

What motived me to do this challenge was the fact that 1. I am out of shape ( according to my standards) and 2. I desire to live a healthy life. Although I plan on doing this for 30 days, my hope is that this will jump start me into better eating habits.

My Rules

1. No meat

2. No sweets

3. No more than one bottle of wine a week.

4. No soda or juice.

5. No cheat days

What about protein?

As I was preparing to do this, I kept getting the question about what I was going to do to get protein in my diet, and the answer is easy, I am going to eat lots of beans, nuts, whole grains and seeds. To think that you can only get protein from meat is a misconception that I have just DEBUNKED!


I also plan on being active 4 times a week, whether I am mowing my lawn, or walking laps, or walking around the mall or dancing or working out to a work out DVD, I have to get moving!

Though, I think I could lose inches from just changing my diet, I think that being active will help too.

Mama, I must admit that I am not a professional nor am I a nutritionist. I have simply followed the direction from others who are professionals and nutritionists. Lastly, I am not interested in your health care program or products.

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