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Relationship with God

Relationship with God

My relationship with God will set the tone for my relationships with others.

When it comes to a relationship, we complicate things way more than needed. If we really understood what it meant to put God first in our life, when it comes to relationships with others, we’d be doing better. What I mean is if we woke up, and pulled out our Bibles and spent time with God first, we’d understand the significance of greeting those we love and care about in the morning.

How many of us have this twisted?

We wake up in the mornings, and text or call or say hello to the one that we care about first. Afterwards, we simply get dressed and go on about our day without even acknowledging the Lord. Something is wrong with that picture. If you can start your day without God, you will begin to see yourself drift away from him and the church.

That exact thing has happened to me time and time again. For example, as soon as I started dating I put God up on the shelf only to be taken down every now and then. I must admit that whenever this would happen, I wasn’t dating a man that was in love with God. My walk with God slowly drifted and I began to make excuses for why I wasn’t going to church on Sundays. I knew what I was doing wasn’t right, and eventually I came back to my senses.

1. I wanted to put God first.

That meant, waking up as soon as my alarm clock went off and opening up my Bible. Not my Bible app on my phone because it’s easy to get distracted that way. But my physical Bible, and I’d set my timer for 15 minutes. After I would pray, or write in my prayer journal, and then I’d get up and brush my teeth. I’d turn on some Christian music and worship God as I did my make up and prepared to wake up my child. I challenged myself to do this everyday for a week.

After that week was over, I continued and noticed how my attitude was different at work and with child and with my friendships.  Interesting, I thought, I then wanted to try something else.

2. I wanted to try spending more time with God.

How else do you get to know someone? The only way to know someone is to spend time with that person. People who are apart of other religions pray every 3 hours. While I haven’t tried this, I’d like to try it. I would like to try and pray or read a scripture every 3 hours. In fact, stay tuned, I’d be up to challenging myself to this for 21 days.

However, my point is to spend time with God first and get to him first. This is important and will help when it comes to other relationships. You will understand that spending time with the person that you call you friend is important. Also, you will understand that spending time with the person who you are dating is important.

3. I wanted to be patient.

Has anyone ever told you not to pray for patience? Yea, I was told that too, but I’m a little hard headed. I am going to pray for what I need and LORD! Did He teach me patience.  Patience is needed in a relationship, therefore developing patience with God is important. It is important that you understand that waiting and expecting is apart of praying. Sure, God is able to answer prayers at the drop of the hat. Yet, if you are lacking in patience, from my experience, God is going to use that opportunity to teach you and give you what you are lacking. In the end, if you can be patient with God, you will be able to be patient with others.

On the other hand, if you are not patient with God, it’s no wonder that you like to rush things and people. No wonder you jumped into that relationship so quickly. SLOW DOWN! I pray that you’d heed that warning. SLOW DOWN! Learn some patience from someone who is safe, learn patience from God.

4. I wanted to deepen my relationship with the Lord.

Have you ever been in a relationship and wanted to take it to the next level? Yup, me too, and most times that happened and then other times it didn’t. Therefore, I went back to the Lord to figure what happened or what went wrong. Often times I would hear the Lord saying, “It’s because you didn’t have roots in me that you weren’t going to grow roots with him.” Did you know that our God is a jealous God? He is, and he wants you to get to know him, he wants to grow some thick and strong roots in his Word. How does that happen?

It happens by being consistent. Wake up every morning and acknowledge him. Spend time with him throughout the day. Be patient with your prayers. Then watch how you go from being lukewarm with God to being on fire for the Lord!


I encourage you to check out this series on YouTube called Lessons Learned. I will be sharing lessons that I learned from past relationships. You wont want to miss any of this!

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