A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord

My Goals For 2018

I am not much for making New Year Resolutions, yet I am all about goal making, and goal accomplishing. And to be honest, I started working on some of these…

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Lessons Learned: Benjamin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tORe3_YJjw&t=46s There are no loses, only lessons learned!  Please be sure to comment, like and subscribe and tell a friend!  Mama, are you looking for support as a parent? Consider…

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How God Sees The Single Mother

Who Am I?

Sometime last year, I was interviewed for an article about Christian Single Mama and my journey. One of the questions that the interviewer asked was, “Who are you?” I gave her the answer I would have given someone if they were asking me that for a job. However, the interviewer was not satisfied with that answer and I wasn’t sure what they were looking for so I asked them to explain. I mean, what would you say if someone asked you that question? (more…)

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